Can it be? I’m a morning person?

I wake up, rush out the door, go to work, and when I come back I am tired and not really motivated to do what I want to do.  Therefore, I sit around, reading and what-not until bedtime and the cycle repeats itself.

After a day of work, I don’t feel like studying, I don’t feel like practicing my art, I don’t do much except for the occasional trip to the gym.  Work pretty much takes all the steam out of me.  How was I to work around this situation?

In a recent post, I told you how I woke up early to go jogging.  Well, I stopped that because it has been getting really cold, and I can jog at the gym (however, the gym here opens at the wee hours of 10 in the morning, well after I started work).  So I sort-of stopped waking up earlier to jog.  Until recently…

I stumbled upon recently a blog dedicated to self improvement:  the Change Blog.  I have been reading a lot of their posts, a lot of its on habits and happiness, and one of them is by a person who tells the reader he wakes up very early in the morning so he can get things done.

To summarize the article: get up early and you can do want you want to do before work takes the energy out of you.  This made a lot of sense.  So much sense, in fact, that I printed out several of their articles and spent the weekend studying their messages and found ways to implement their teachings into my life.

I looked at how habits can make a person and reflected on my non-productive habits and sought to change them.  Here is an outline that I will be implementing into my daily routine for the next two weeks to see how it works.

  • Wake up (while on the couch, not in bed)
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Review/rewrite my goals
  • Plan my day
  • Morning exercises
  • Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Make sure everything is ready for work
  • Study Japanese
  • Leave for work
  • Work
  • Spend any extra time after work (until 18:00) in the art room practicing
  • Come home
Whenever I get home
  • Go to the gym to Jog
After jogging
  • Prepare lunch for tomorrow
  • Make sure everything is ready for tomorrow (so I don’t have to do it in the morning)
After that
  • I can relax and read/do whatever I want.  I got everything I want to and need to do out of the way.
  • Bedtime

That is my plan.  It has to do a lot about setting constructive habits that use time wisely and make you a happier person.  I highly suggest you check this blog out to learn more.

Today is my first day implementing this system, and I must say that I feel absolutely fantastic.  I got enough sleep last night, got my studying done, and now I’m just about to head out to work, brimming with energy and happiness.

Some people here are going to think I am a prude going to bed so early, but damn it, I’m a morning person now and it is well worth it!


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